„That’s Amore” by David & The Six Martini Band 

Dean Martin was singing in 1953 ”When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, That’s amore!” It does not matter if it is Valentine’s Day or the Romanian Dragobete, the love must be celebrated anyway!  

Since 2016, someone thought of organizing an event in the month of February, the month when everything is full of love. David & The Six Martini Band are the guilty ones for “That’s Amore” 2017 concert. Synonymous with the best cover band in recent years in Transylvania, it was normal to organize such a big show after 6 years of hard work. 

Hosting ”That’s Amore” show with me was the beautiful Ane Pazskany. As the month of love is very red, the stylists from Men’s Club provided my hosting outfit.  

The other artists invited were equal to the talent and professionalism of David & Six Martini Band, and here I refer to Bigg Dimm a’Band, which approaches a vast repertoire, different in style: from swing, blues to pop jazz, funk, jazz fusion, etc., and the vocal group Anatholis, the first vocal group to deal with the pop-opera genre in Cluj Napoca. 

David & The Six Martini Band have more than 500 premium events and countless TV shows. Moreover, the most important thing is that we have to deal with professional musicians with specialized studies, so the experience of the spectators was as close to perfect as possible. 

The show “That’s Amore” is unique in Romania because no cover band dares to sell tickets. The posture to play in a club is really good, but to do almost 100 hours of rehearsals, to hire sounds and lights for such an event, to rent the big showroom of the Student Culture House in Cluj-Napoca and many more, it’s quite different. 

The concert was great and full of love, and if you want to relax just watch the videoclip in this article and do not forget “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That’s amore!”. 

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