Face to Face with … Eric Daman 

I love my job and when I meet amazing people with whom I can talk about fashion, I can say I have the most beautiful job in the world. 

We all looked at “The Carrie Diaries”, “Sex and the City” or “Gossip Girl”. At the same time, we all admired the outfits that Carrie and Serena wore in these series. Behind them was an exceptional stylist, Eric Daman. I like to interview with such personalities who love their job. Eric is a celebrity fashion stylist, a talented designer, winner of a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Costumes in a TV Series and a highly acclaimed TV personality. This would be Eric’s CV. 

We met at a fashion event in Sofia and this was the perfect opportunity to make an interview with him. His professional portfolio is impressive and I managed to find out some of the secrets behind the cameras for “Gossip Girl,” as regards Blake Lively’s outfits, for the role of Serena van der Woodsen. 

I also tell you that in 2010, Allure magazine nominated Eric as one of the “seven influencers that could change the way we look” and a year later the New York Times included Eric in the top 20 personalities to watch. 

I managed to talk with him about television in America, about how these impressive wardrobes are made for series like “Gossip Girl,” and how is to work with beautiful Blake Lively. For all these and many others I invite you to play the interview below, conducted in collaboration with Калоян Борил and Pixel Battalion team. 

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