Face to Face with … Marcel Schlutt 

What have in common modeling, photographer, actor, porn movie actor, TV personality and fashion editor? The answer is Marcel Schlutt. I will not go into the details about Marcel’s life, because some of them can already be read in other articles but I will want to write about the Kaltblut magazine. 

German Marcel Schlutt is the Berliner who left the porn industry to become fashion editor at Germany’s boldest and nonconformist magazine, Kaltblut. From 2012, Kaltblut magazine says things by name and shows the middle finger to everyone who believes in rules. 

In Kaltblut magazine, we can find articles about art, music and fashion with many queer or gay elements. One of Kaltblut’s ideas is to support talents in art, music and fashion. 

In the video below, you can find out the story of Kaltblut magazine, ideas about nonconformism, conventions or labels, breasts or naked men and how Marcel Schlutt sees the fashion world today. The interview with Marcel was made in Sofia’s Culture Palace along with the Pixel Battalion team. 

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