Face to Face with … Tim Yip 

I am walking alongside Tim Yip on the streets of London set from NuBoyana film studios. With a calm emotion to his senses, Tim tells me how he won an Oscar Award in 2001 and a Bafta Award. I think I would explode for happiness knowing that I would win such awards. Not Tim! Why? Because with these awards comes a very big responsibility in terms of his work. The “Crounching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” was the movie that brought him the success and the awards above, and yet he is modest and anchored in reality, even though he is an artist. 

He has collaborated with many Asian film professionals, including Ang Lee, Tsai Ming Liang, Tian Zhuangzhuang or Li Shaohong. At the same time, his works were part of individual exhibitions in museums around the world. Besides the film, he also made artistic installations for Christian Dior and Chinese artists. 

In February 2016, he organized his largest and most comprehensive retrospective exhibition in Europe. “In Parallel” opened the doors of art lovers at the “Maison de la Culture d’Amiens” in Amiens, France. I you want to discover the emotion of the artist Tim Yip, I invite you to watch the interview below, where you will learn how is it to win an Oscar? 

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