Face to Face with … Tuna Yilmaz 

I met Tuna Yilmaz about three years ago. Somehow, both of us were in the jury of Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival. Therefore, we started talking about fashion, fashion movies and more. 

Tuna is the person with whom you never get bored, and you have all the time to talk with. Since 2013, he is the man behind Fashion Film Festival Istanbul (www.fashionfilmistanbul.com). Over the years, thanks to people passionate about what they do, the world of fashion and art has gradually grown. It is also the case of Istanbul, which through Tuna and his festival, improved with many screenings of fashion movies, artistic installations and workshops dedicated to fashion. 

Through the Fashion Film Festival Istanbul, Tuna has managed to make a hub of fashion movies for the Middle East and beyond. As I, really like people with interesting stories I took Tuna an interview in which he gave me more information about his festival. 

If you are a fan of fashion or fashion movies I invite you to watch the interview below. You will find out what are the key points for a successful fashion film, but also what the jury of a fashion film festival wants! Enjoy! 

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