Travel with me at … Versailles 

Those who know me know that I am fascinated with gold and royalty. Therefore, you can imagine that a visit to Paris should also necessarily include the Versailles Palace. I only tell you so, after 2 minutes in the palace I felt like home, probably because in a previous life I certainly was a member of the royal family.  

The Versailles Palace is fascinating in pictures and videos, but the spot simply cuts your breath away! From the moment I entered and until I went out to the gardens of the palace, I was fascinated by its history and how well all the works of art, the paintings and all the objects displayed were preserved. It is difficult to describe in words over 350 years of history that can be found here. It is a symbol of the absolute monarchy, a symbol adopted by King Louis XIV. For the history lovers, exactly in this palace, the famous Treaty of Versailles was signed in the Mirrors Hall. 

The guided audio tour through the palace gives you the opportunity to step into the exclusive world of the kings of France. From the Mirror Hall to the king’s room, the sign room of the Versailles Treaty, the queen’s room or the noble room. I do not want to go into details about years and names because such information can be read in dozens of books about the history of this place and of France. The recommendation is to have an audio guide to feel better the royal atmosphere this spectacular place has to offer. 

The gardens of the Versailles Palace are equally impressive. You can spend some hours through the labyrinth of artesian fountains and the music of King Louis XV, for example. For those interested in the technical data of these gardens, I am telling you that the 35km pipe system is unchanged since the 17th century, and every hour, 4500 m³ of water is consumed, with a closed circuit. In the superb gardens, you will see over 150 statues and spectacular artesian fountains like Apollo, Neptune, Saturn or the column fountain. I also recommend that you catch the musical shows that the fountains offer. 

Very good advice for those who do not have the patience to stay in the queues and do not want to waste time with this, I recommend VIP tickets that include skip row, with such a ticket you avoid being queued. When I visited the palace, the waiting time to enter was 5 hours, so such a ticket can relieve you of many emotions. This VIP ticket was somewhere at 30 euros, in the context of a simple one about 20 euros. Ticket variations are many, from the exclusive visit of the palace to the gardens around it, the exhibitions that are organized here and so on. It is best to visit their official website but also the apps they make available to visitors. In addition, for those who do not want to walk very much in the gardens, they have car rentals to explore the beauty of the place. 

Therefore, the next visit to Paris must necessarily include the Versailles Palace, the first museum of history in France, starting with 1837, but also the gardens around it. Below I invite you to see the pictures I have made and the video I have prepared together with the Pixel Battalion team.  

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