How to build your brand with Costantino Roselli? 

Costantino Roselli has an impressive resume. In short, Costantino is a very bestseller Greek author, public speaker, but also a personal brand specialist. Its expertise includes leadership, branding and branding speeches for fashion companies, and beyond. As a personal coach, Costantino tells to those who appeal to him to discover their talents and identity so they will gain success and a very good personal brand. 

In the interview I made with him in Sofia, you will learn some of the secrets of a successful branding for both individuals and companies. Costantino also responds to questions like, what is personal branding or how can you build a good branding? You will also discover the difference between Bihor and Dior.  

Costantino thinks that the message everyone sends is very precious, which is why communication is extremely important. Only with a good message and branding can you reach your audience and to those who want to follow you. 

“You only have 30 seconds to talk about your brand and about you!” – Costantino Roselli 

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