Derek Warburton or “how to help, teach, inspire, love and have fun.” 

At one point, I was trying to count how many acquaintances I had in the field of fashion and after the first few minutes of thinking I gave up. There were too many people and each had its own story. About 3 years ago, I met Derek Warburton. It was impossible to miss him at Feeric Fashion Week, because he came out on top from the first second he got off the plane that brought him to Romania. 

Fabulous, flamboyant, extravagant, glittering, expansive and the list can go on. This is Derek! A USA fashion stylist, the stylist of some well-known celebrities who love his work and his expertise in fashion. No, wonder, given that he is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. 

Derek is not the person to be bored with, which makes him very fond of those around him. With an impressive career in television but also in the media, Derek has been able to do the styling for Beyonce Knowles, Miranda Kerr, Sean Paul, Jessica Alba and many others over the years. 

As his passion for fashion is so great and because he loves his work, Derek has become a media personality through his TV appearances but also thanks to Lapalme magazine, where he is founder and artistic director. His projects also include many charity acts and events in this area, which is why he was named in 2017 Ambassador for “Just a Drop”, an international organization that advocates for access to clean water and sanitary conditions for the disadvantaged people. 

The meeting with him was a very pleasant one, which is why I could not miss having an interview with him about how we should compose our wardrobe or how we should organize it. All this and more in the video below. Enjoy! 

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