Diane Pernet, shades in pursuit of magic 

Spiders, snails, enigma and a lot of work. That is how I would briefly describe Diane Pernet. I think it has been almost 10 years since we met, and every time she fascinates me. Some people are looking for extraordinary cars, others imposing houses or the latest appearances in the field of telephones, among others I am looking to talk to people who have something to say in the field of fashion. 

Diane is undoubtedly the first fashion blogger to start writing and a well-known journalist and film curator. A Shaded View on Fashion Film is the festival founded by her, which promotes and gathers the best productions in the field of fashion film. I will not write that much about Diane, because a lot information about her life and career can be found on internet but also in the previous interview, I did with her. 

After the meeting in Sofia, from the Nu Boyana film studios, it was the time to see Diane in Sibiu. Here we spent several days together and got to know the woman behind the black outfits, behind the fashion icon Diane Pernet. As a backstage information, she was very pleased with the elderflower juice, the one made at the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig. 

No day with Diane resembles the other. It is precisely for this reason that the interview I did with her was in a car dealership, in a rough car. Like a car that ran on good and bad roads, Diana’s career had several stages. 

How she started her journey through fashion, what means fast fashion and how new technologies make their presence in fashion industry you can find out from the interview below. At the same time, perfume lovers will learn the story of the DP collection. You can find the states, memories and sensations that led to her unmistakable and enigmatic signature of these perfumes by watching the video below.  

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