Myra Postolache talks about finding the right showroom for your collection 

The most beautiful interviews are the ones I do with people I love, with friends whom I appreciate very much. It is also very difficult for me to write any description about the interviewed person because I have the impression that everything comes from itself and that the presentation already exists. 

I have the same feeling now when I am very happy with the interview I did with Myra Postolache. We have also lost the number of years since we were friends, as we have lost the number of events we have attended or the parties we have been together. For friends and those who know her, when you say Myra, you say fashion, pr and emerging designers. She is a fashion editor at Collezioni Sport&Street and Trend Privé Magazine, a fashion contributor to RedMilk Magazine, creative and art director at 33Magazine and co-founder at Kreep Agency. 

For me, Myra is a fashion professional who has worked extremely hard to get where she wanted. Her articles and work have been published in well-known magazines such as Redmilk Magazine, Vogue Italia, Elle Italia, L`Officiel Malaysia, Schön Magazine, Trend Privé Magazine, The LA Fashion and the list can go on. Among other things, Myra’s projects are aimed at new visions, young talents and fashion innovations. 

The idea of ​​the interview I did at the Palace of Culture from Sofia was to better understand the concept of a showroom for designers. Answers to questions such as when a designer should think about a showroom, how to choose a showroom or which is the most appropriate showroom for a designer and many other fashion tips can be seen in the dialogue below, with my dear friend, Myra Postolache. 

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