Travel with me in … Sofia 

Sofia is without a doubt a city to be visited at least once in a lifetime. The large streets and boulevards invite you to take long walks to admire the buildings and architecture of the capital of Bulgaria. 

It is without a doubt the most visited city from Bulgaria because of its history but also of the places or activities that a tourist can do here. One of its attractions is the imposing Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, a symbol of Bulgaria since the 19th century. Moreover, due to its Neo-Byzantine style and its construction, it is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Eastern Europe. 

The Vitosha mountains are the ones that shade Sofia but also her beauty. The traces of more than 2000 years of history are found at every step. Medieval churches, statues and large boulevards are connected with restaurants, coffee shops or shops.  

The Bulgarian cuisine is highly appreciated and the prices in Sofia’s restaurants are decent, as are the prices for accommodation. As a tip, watch out for taxi drivers as you may have to travel longer from point A to point B, so you should have a navigation app so you don’t have to drive around Sofia. Transportation from the airport to the city can be done by bus, taxi or subway, which is 20 minutes far from city center.  

The monuments of Sofia are imposing and magnificent, among them I recall the monument of the Unknown Soldier, Saint Sofia, the Statue of Tsar Alexander II or the monument of the Soviet Army. Museums are not lacking in the landscape, as are the exhibition centers and art galleries. Another attraction in Sofia is the Nu Boyana film studios, where movies like Hellboy, Hunter Killer, 300: Rise of an Empire, London has fallen, The Legend of Hercules, The Expendables 3 and many more have been cast. 

A complex city, a little crowded with a rich cultural landscape, an effervescent nightlife that deserves to be discovered and which is perfect for spending a city break. That being said, I invite you to travel with me in… Sofia! 

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